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Fallon Williams

Fallon Williams was born and raised in Houston, Texas and competed in her first pageant at just three years old. She immediately fell in love with the world of pageantry as it combined all of her passions into one place —the celebration of the powerful truth that women can be smart, strong, AND beautiful. 


She grew up in the performing arts world, with decades of training in singing, acting, and dancing from ballet en pointe to tap, to international ballroom. Although she always knew she was meant for more, her childhood insecurities stood in the way of finding her true confidence and struggled to find and realize her self-worth in her early life. 


Fallon accredits a great portion of her poise, communication and confidence to pageants. It was there on stage she overcame any fear of failure, and now, no “no” could stand in her way, it would only become fuel for the fire. She developed her public speaking and interview skills. She learned and adopted the value of community service and “doing good.” She ignited her love for health and fitness in preparation for that invigorating moment when you step on stage in a swimsuit to show off all your hard work. She learned the value of presentation and etiquette—how to walk into a room and command it because you know you belong there. It was there she met other women who share similar goals and passions, and came to quickly understand we are stronger when we support one another. 


After years of studying musical theatre at Theater Under the Stars Houston, and rigorous scholarship in class, Fallon graduated Suma Cum Laude from Westside High School in 2016 as a member of their varsity drill/dance team, varsity theater production company and traveling professional dance company. It was around this time when she won her very first title as the 2015 International Junior Miss Texas Teen and went on to place top 5 in the world! 


With that ever-increasing work ethic and dedication to be her best self every day (along with those pageant interview skills), Fallon received a full scholarship to to attend the University of Southern California where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a Minor in Sports Media Studies and graduated Cum Laude, breaking the educational generational barrier in her family. In college, she was also the VP of Finance for her sorority Delta Gamma and won her second and third titles: International Junior Miss California 2017 and Miss California Collegiate America 2018! Her hard work was starting to pay off. 


After graduating, she pursued her broadcast dreams working at ABC7 Sports and for major sporting events including the Espy’s, the NBA All-Star Weekend, the Nickelodeon Sports Awards and the Genesis Invitational. 


She went on to continue her career in the media space in the fashion industry as a lead marketing and sales manager, creating viral content and conducting strategic paid-advertising campaigns and partnerships, helping to double revenue in her first two years. There, she became the spokesperson and “resident model” for Hammitt and hosted Hammitt TV, traveling around the country representing the brand. 


Simultaneously while in Los Angeles, Fallon competed for Miss California USA four years in a row, placing third runner up to the title with a “never give up” mentality.


She also put her love for fitness to use and obtained her certification in personal training and became a fitness coach at F45 Hollywood.


In 2020, after volunteering with the program for a few years, Fallon became the director of the California Miss Amazing program, a national self-esteem movement led by and for women with disabilities. Fallon grew up volunteering with individuals with disabilities so this cause has always been near and dear to her heart. She is so honored to lead such inspiring young women towards their dream, helping to spread the message and mission of inclusion, showing that these women are more than capable. 


Fallon has recently moved back to her hometown in Houston, Texas and coaches every morning before the sun comes up at F45 Tanglewood! She is elated to be a part of the life-changing journey that is putting your mental and physical health first. She believes a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand. 


Within a week of moving back home, Fallon was blessed and honored to win the title of America’s Most Beautiful Miss—competing as her most authentic self, having the time of her life. After competing last year, placing 2nd runner up, she fell in love with the system and what it stands for. She shares that it is the best system ever because of its women and who they are. America’s Most Beautiful Miss celebrates women who are beautiful inside AND out. It celebrates everything that pageantry represents: that women can be dreamers, achievers, go-getters and goal setters, while honoring our feminine design. The well-rounded woman is strong—physically and mentally, she is a leader in her community, she’s serving her community and speaking up for what she believes in. America’s Most Beautiful women are students, teachers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, but they are also the most supportive sisters, loving daughters and wives, strong and selfless mothers, they are confident in their skin and the best part is they share that sparkle and shine with others…and it doesn’t come from the sequins, but from their hearts. 


It is Fallon’s absolute honor to represent these women and call them her sisters. 


Fallon could not be more excited for the year of opportunities ahead. You will find her continuing her career in media outside of her reign and working as a model and actor through NYMMG talent. She hopes to share her experiences and spread self-empowerment to all who will listen. 


Fallon is most looking forward to sharing that empowerment on her podcast The Queen Factor. Fallon created this platform to lead other women along their discovery of self-worth and “queendom.” 


“I can say I have finally gotten to know my true self and have learned how to believe the good qualities that I hadn't allowed myself to have believed before. With this new-found confidence, I knew I had offerings to share with the world. To teach women (and all people) the strength of self-discovery and esteem-healing. I thought what better way to offer my experiences and knowledge to others than through spoken word, something I have always loved, but never believed would be anything anyone actually cared to listen to. 

I silenced that negative inner-voice, and replaced it with the kind words of God and the beautiful declarations of all the authors and friends and family that strengthened me. I knew it was my mission to then help others find that strength. From topics like the power of positive thinking focusing on mental health to physical fitness tips and myth-busting; public speaking skills and job interview advice to relationships; The Queen Factor is a podcast where everyone can learn something and begin to grow into their most confident selves--to begin treating themselves like royalty and living as the "queens" of their own lives--because we all are.”


Fallon would like to think first and foremost her Lord and Savior for his everlasting love and blessings through good times and tough. She would like to thank her dear mother Kat Williams for always championing her—her #1 fan and #1 role model. She gives thanks fo her brother, Mason and dear friends Madison, Pixie and Fez for all their support; to her coaches JJ Smith with WinnerViews, Kristen Dalton-Wolfe, Body by Craig, and Kara Knudsen for teaching her to be the best version of herself and always believing in her; to her glam team and friends Austin Ryde and Erica Colón for making her feel just as beautiful on the outside, and most importantly, to Samantha and all of the AMB staff who make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience and opportunity. It her my honor to be a part of this family! 

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