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Kristin Simone

Kristin & her husband Anthony have been married for 13 years ( together for 19). They live in Kansas City, MO with their six children. Jayshawn 17, Charles 16, Tommie Ann 11, Charlie 10, Savina 10, & Gino 10.

Just like many women in today's world, Kristin wears many hats and sometimes even a crown. She is a wife, mom, personal trainer, and community leader. Her superpower is balancing it all while still making sure she is present for her family.

America's Most Beautiful embodies women's empowerment and that is what she does daily working with women around the country. Strengthening their mind, body, and soul.

As America's Most Beautiful Mrs. 2023, Kristin wants to continue to use her voice to empower women, build confidence in others, grow this incredible system, and continue to be the best version of herself. Empowering others and helping them to build their confidence means teaching them to stand in their truth, own their truth & know that they too can change their world. 

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