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Sophie Morelock

The journey for this Tennessee native all started at the age of just two years old when her great-grandmother suggested that signing her up for the local Fairest of the Fair pageant might be something fun for such a little girl with a big personality to take part in. A gold embossed ribbon from that very day and eight years later, this small-town girl has now captured a national title. 

Sophie Mae is a 5th-grade student with big academic dreams to someday attend an Ivy League school. Thank you Elle Woods for that inspiration. She is an active member in her school's running club, a Junior Girl Scout, and a big sister to her little brother Mason Luke, and whether she is gracing the stage in a leotard or a rhinestoned gown, this girl loves to perform more than anything. 

Pageantry has played such a role in her life. It has ingrained both confidence and charity. Not to mention, she has acquired some of her nearest and dearest friends through competing. At such a young age through her competitive spirit, Sophie is well aware of what hard work truly is. It has been quite the journey for her to be exactly where she is today. 

Sophie Mae is completely overjoyed to be crowned the new AMB Preteenand can not wait to spend a glamorous year being a positive role model for girls of all ages and continuing her passion for her very own platform, Smiles for Miles 

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